Bridging the gap of the new digital divide:


No longer is the digital divide about access to the internet. It is now about the gap between those who use the digital ecosystem to do business and those who don’t. The digital economy is currently estimated to account for 25% of all economic growth now and is projected to surpass 50% by 2025. This is in addition to the 50% of customers who use the digital realm for deciding what they should buy and how much they can expect to pay. Businesses who do not capitalize on the transformative nature of the digital realm will be left lagging behind and struggling to stay relevant. Simply having a website is no longer enough. SEO and email campaigns are hugely ineffective and building a personal profile of customers from scratch is almost impossible.


Eight obstacles to overcome in your digital transformation journey

In this seminal study by Deloitte which was recently updated and expanded points to a deep and wide gap between what customers have come to expect from businesses and what the businesses actually deliver in both the digital and real worlds. Understanding the need to resolve this is the first step in conquering the new digital landscape. Many times actively engaging customers to solve the problem will result in a huge revaluation of what the perceived value is to the customer. Once this is identified a solid plan can be built to capitalize on this value. As the plan matures an iterative approach continually refines and increases value provided by the feedback loop of customer engagement. As more value is continually created the likelihood of any potential customer choosing this business is increased.


The key takeaways from these studies are:

  1. Small local retail can and is beating large corporate by engaging customers in the digital space
  2. Letting your customers show you how to engage them can simplify the digital transition
  3. The transformative nature of the digital world is reshaping commerce in ways unthinkable 15 years ago
  4. The tech savvy business owner knows there is power in the digital realm and is endeavoring to harness it


Business Evolution:

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